[Xmonad] XMonadContrib.Tabbed

Alec Berryman alec at thened.net
Tue Jun 26 21:57:02 EDT 2007

Dave Harrison on 2007-06-27 11:25:08 +1000:

> I just checked out the latest xmonad, X11-extras and XMonadContrib
> from darcs ( figured a fresh install was a good idea ).  It's all
> working fine, except that when I move focus to a workspace, the tabs
> for that workspace lose all of their titles strings.  The unfocused
> workspace is fine.

I see the same behavoir with a freshly updated checkout.

I have two screens configured with Xinerama; if I use the tabbed layout,
open two or more windows on the first, switch to the second, and open
two or more windows there, the tabs on the second screen lose their
text.  If I switch focus back to the first screen, the second screen's
tabs appear correctly but the first screen's disappear.

Additionally, if I close all but one of the windows on a screen, I
expect the tab bar to disappear, but it remains the same as it did
before - no text - but the tabs overlap with the window, as if they've
been drawn on the screen and forgotten.  Closing the final window does
not make them go away, nor does changing the workspace on that screen;
however, the phantom tabs are in the background on that different

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