[Xmonad] Remaining tasks before 0.3 release

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Jun 25 00:37:19 EDT 2007

This is a proposed set of tasks remaining to do before we release xmonad
0.3 -- the release with all originally planned features implemented:

    * finish float layer merge (fixes fullscreen/float interation) -- dons
    * make layout info persist across restarts -- sjanssen
    * management filters (clients are assigned to workspaces and layouts)
    * _NET_WM_STRUT to support dock apps in gaps -- jcreigh
    * module-local state for extensions 
    * h98 StackSet + catch
    * greedy workspace switching

Anything else that remains to be done? Ensure it is on the bug tracker.  We
know how to do most of these, so perhaps we just take the next 2 weeks to
finish these off, then a week of testing, then 0.3 comes out?

David, and other hard core extension guys -- your job will be to ensure the api
is rich enough that you can do whatever you want, before 0.3 comes out.

-- Don

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