[Xmonad] Xinerama & switching workspaces

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Jun 10 03:48:14 EDT 2007

> Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
> > dave:
> >> Dave Harrison wrote:
> >>>>> So since I have a recollection of needing the latest src from the
> >>>>> head, I tried to build the latest xmonad from darcs and hit this error,
> >>>> Yep, you need to update X11-extras first..
> >>> ah, will do
> >> Hi Don,
> >>
> >> Having just updated from the latest of X11-extras and xmonad I've
> >> discovered my xinerama setup is now being treated as a single window
> >> ... any debugging I can do to try and work out why this is happening ?
> > 
> > Very likely you didn't autoreconf the X11-extras directory?
> > 
> > Since you'd be using darcs X11-extras, which doesn't have a
> > pre-generated ./configure, that would lead to ./configure not being
> > generated, and Xinerama not being detected.
> > 
> > Check the X11-extras README on "if you are building from darcs"
> I went back and called autoreconf, then wiped out the contents of the
> dist/ dirs inside the repos (both for xmonad and X11-extras).  The I
> configure, built, and installed X11-extras and xmonad.  Same behaviour
> again, so I tried wiping out the install in /usr/local/lib/X11-extras
> and did it all again, still same "single workspace across two screens"
> thing going on ...

Just double check you're not linking against the wrong things.The
process would be:

    darcs get --partial X11-extras
    configure (check it finds Xinerama)
    build that

    get an fresh xmonad from darcs
    configure ; build ; install

See the mailing list recently for another case of Xinerama being lost
due to linking against old versions of libs,


(Note that nothing's changed that would break Xinerama handling, so its
alsmot certainly due to linking against the wrong version of the lib.
runhaskell Setup.lhs clean is advised for any change in dependent
libraries, like X11-extras).

-- Don

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