[Xmonad] haddock...ing the source code

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at cox.net
Sun Jun 10 03:09:21 EDT 2007

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 09:06:14AM +0200, Andrea Rossato wrote:
> Hi, 
> so, I started working on adding full haddock support to the XMonad
> source code, but it seems that haddock itself must be patched first,
> since it does not deal with "deriving" from parametrized types, such
> as the type X:
> deriving (Functor, Monad, MonadIO, MonadState XState, MonadReader Xconf))
> A small change in the code of the haddock parser solves the problem,
> but still haddock does not handle "deriving" very well and I do not
> think that using a preprocessor is an option.[1]
> Here you can see what I can get with a patched haddock:
> http://gorgias.mine.nu/xmonad/XMonad.html
> What do you think? Shall we forget about it? Is it useful to have
> a "patched-haddock" support?

Haddock already supports this, just not in the stable version:



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