[Xmonad] the future of xmonad...

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Jun 9 23:14:19 EDT 2007

> I'd like to add support for hs-plugins (I love and use a lot the lua
> prompt in Ion3, and I've been dreaming about having an interactive
> Haskell prompt in my WM), but unfortunately hs-plugins does not work
> with ghc-6.6.1 (I've just upgraded and built a lot of knew exciting
> libraries, and I do not want to downgrade back to ghc-6.4.2. Don,
> could you help me with that? ;-). I'd like to start studying a tabbed
> layout as soon as I'll have a better understanding of the code base.

I think, regarding tabbing, we should aim to ensure the layout code is
configurable enough to do tabs as external modules. This would, I think,
mean support for external decorations? (David?).

> I must confess that by reading the XMonad site though, I had the
> slight impression that what you are actually trying do, your main
> goal, is to prove that Haskell, and its tool chain, allows the rapid
> development of the highest quality of code. 

That's part of it, but mostly we just want to write a better, simpler
window manager.

> Thanks for your code. Really.

Thanks for the comments!

-- Don

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