[Xmonad] Darcs version on Debian etch?

Kai Grossjohann kai.grossjohann at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Jun 5 04:26:17 EDT 2007

dons at cse.unsw.edu.au (Donald Bruce Stewart) writes:

> Might be best to just build [X11-1.2.2] with cabal, manually?

It's difficult to install:

$ runhaskell Setup.hs configure --prefix=$HOME
[... elided ...]
$ runhaskell Setup.hs build
[... elided ...]
$ runhaskell Setup.hs install
Installing: /home/kgrossjo/lib/X11-1.2.2/ghc-6.6 & /home/kgrossjo/bin X11-1.2.2...
Registering X11-1.2.2...
Reading package info from ".installed-pkg-config" ... done.
Unable to rename "/usr/lib/ghc-6.6/package.conf" to "/usr/lib/ghc-6.6/package.conf.old"
Saving old package config file... ghc-pkg.bin: /usr/lib/ghc-6.6/package.conf: renameFile: permission denied (Permission denied)

I don't like to modify system files (owned by dpkg) by self-installed

I guess I might just install my own GHC in $HOME.  But that sounds like
quite a bit of work...


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