[Xmonad] Re: Issue 35 in xmonad: No-mans land to send windows off to

Nathan Howell nathan at atdot.ca
Mon Jul 23 17:57:58 EDT 2007

codesite-noreply at google.com wrote:
> Issue 35: No-mans land to send windows off to
> http://code.google.com/p/xmonad/issues/detail?id=35
> New issue report by tim.thelion:
> I have been using xmonad with emacs for quite a while.  I have emacs
> configured so that it opens almost everything in an new frame(window)
> and I have these windows managed by xmonad.  This means that I can
> close those windows, and still have the emacs buffers in tact.  I can
> switch back to a buffer using emacs' excellent buffer switcher.  I
> would love it if xmonad had a no-mans land like this for non-emacs
> windows.  That way, when firefox was in the way, I could close it, not
> worying about what was in it.  And then use some kind of window
> switcher to get back to it at a later time(maybe on a different
> workspace).  I don't think this is a terriably high priority feature
> request.  But I think it would make things quite a bit more fluid for
> this window manager which currently lets unused windows get in the
> way, or get sent off to some workspace in the middle of no where where
> they get forgotten about.

When I used wmii (and ruby-wmii) I had a push/pull plugin. I'd hit the 
'push' key, choose or create a tag, and the focused window would go 
there. If I hit the 'pull' key and chose a tag and it would pull the 
focused window from that (hidden) view to the current one. That really 
only worked because I could have any number of arbitrarily named 
workspaces though. I do miss wmii-style tagging and views.

I guess xmonad could have a special workspace set aside for this. Or you 
could just pick one to set aside and have a couple of keybindings to 
manage it.


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