[Xmonad] Issue 35 in xmonad: No-mans land to send windows off to

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Mon Jul 23 14:46:06 EDT 2007

Issue 35: No-mans land to send windows off to

New issue report by tim.thelion:
I have been using xmonad with emacs for quite a while.  I have emacs
configured so that it opens almost everything in an new frame(window)
and I have these windows managed by xmonad.  This means that I can
close those windows, and still have the emacs buffers in tact.  I can
switch back to a buffer using emacs' excellent buffer switcher.  I
would love it if xmonad had a no-mans land like this for non-emacs
windows.  That way, when firefox was in the way, I could close it, not
worying about what was in it.  And then use some kind of window
switcher to get back to it at a later time(maybe on a different
workspace).  I don't think this is a terriably high priority feature
request.  But I think it would make things quite a bit more fluid for
this window manager which currently lets unused windows get in the
way, or get sent off to some workspace in the middle of no where where
they get forgotten about.

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