[Xmonad] mod-{w,e,r} don't work when OpenOffice.org has focus

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Jul 9 09:09:44 EDT 2007

> I have two heads, the left one shows workspace 1 which is in full layout
> and contains OpenOffice, Firefox and Adobe Reader.  The right head shows
> different workspaces as time goes by, usually in tiled layout.
> Now it turns out that OpenOffice somehow grabs focus so that mod-e does
> not work to switch to the second head.  I can still do mod-j to switch
> to a different client on the left head, and then mod-e works.  But when
> OpenOffice has focus and after I click into it, then mod-e will not work
> to set the focus to the right hand head.
> Has anyone else observed the same?  Is there a fix?  What can I do to
> help debug it?  (I don't grok Haskell, though I'm trying.)

With the darcs version?

Two possibilities come to mind:

    * its the focus stealing issue fixed in the darcs branch a couple of weeks ago
    * openoffice is stealing those key bindings -- use a different mod key

-- Don

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