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Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Jul 5 11:03:07 EDT 2007

aha!  And I have discovered that if I give xnest geom settings that are small enough so that the xnest window is smaller than full-screen to start with, then indeed everything works as expected.  If you give it geom settings that are bigger than full-screen, then it must pass the bigger ones one to xmonad, but meanwhile it displays its own window full-screen. Hence truncation.


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| Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj at microsoft.com> wrote:
| > What I'm still missing is: why doesn't xmonad get told the correct
| > window size by xnest?  The -geom thing tells xnest how big a window
| > it should throw up, but regardless of its window size it should
| > report it faithfully to xmonad.
| >
| > Similarly on resizing, which comprehensively does not work -- ie
| > resizing the xnest window, making it smaller, is not reflected in the
| > xmonad layout. Instead xnest just truncates even more of it.
| >
| > S
| Xnest is just not very nice in this respect -- it chooses a geometry at
| start up and sticks with it.  It continues to report the same geometry
| to clients, no matter how you resize the containing Xnest window.
| Cheers,
| Spencer Janssen

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