[Xmonad] darcs patch: the gaps list should be filled with the default value ...

Andy Gimblett A.M.Gimblett at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Jul 5 05:34:31 EDT 2007

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 09:41:03AM +0200, Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> I have a Xinerama setup.  Only the first monitor has a gap, and only
> it displays the two dzen2 instances.  (I use something very close to
> the suggested setup in XMonadContrib/scripts/run-xmonad.sh.)
> I like it.

If you change your mind, and want gaps on multiple screens, just add
more gap-tuples to the gap list in Config.hs; eg, the following puts a
15-pixel gap at the bottom of both screens:

defaultGaps :: [(Int,Int,Int,Int)]
defaultGaps = [(0,15,0,0),(0,15,0,0)]

To a place dzen instance on the second screen, use the -x and -y
command line flags judiciously.  The x & y values you need will depend
very much on your setup, the sizes and relative placements of the
screens, etc.

If you run multiple dzens, you probably also need to know about and
use the -w flag, which restricts its width.  By default a dzen will
take up the entire screen (in fact, I _think_, go across multiple
screens), potentially obscuring other dzen instances, so with more
than one dzen running, this is essential (in my experience at least).

> Though I do have to admit that sometimes I think it could be nice if
> the dzens would follow the focus.

Ah now that's a whole different ball game, I guess.  :-)

Hope this helps (someone),


Andy Gimblett
Computer Science Department
University of Wales Swansea

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