[xmonad] xmonad user survey!

Dominik Bruhn dominik at dbruhn.de
Sun Dec 23 06:43:45 EST 2007

I just want to help you by filling out the User Survey.

Just one word before I start: I never used a Tiling Windowmanager
before. I went from KDE to Gnome to XFCE (each with their default
Windowmanagers). I tried Ion3 but I hated three things:
1. The config in Ion3 is much to complicated. I cant understand if
people tell the XMonad-Config is to difficult: Just look at the ion3
2. There are too many keystrokes you have to remeber if you want to use
3. The licence is crap! 

When trying to find some darcs-related applications I stranded on Don
Stewards Website ( http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/index.html ). And
found a link to xmonad.

>     * What things annoy you?
Difficult question. I think nothing is realy anoying. Im still searching
for a perfect windowlayout and I havent found it yet (currently using
"Tall"). Thats anoying but a personal question.

>     * What things do you like?
1. The configfile. Although I have no haskell skills at all its
impressive what you can do in the configfile. Thats why I would suggest
to keep this file and dont replace it!
2. The logical keybindings. Thats as I said above a thing I hated at
Ion. At XMonad its logical: You use shift to move a window and to move
the view you use it without shift.
3. I like that I dont have to create windows (like in ion3). I like that
xmonad is a real window MANAGER (unlike ion3)
4. That it is my choice which status-bar to use (i recently switched
from dzen2 to xmobar)

>     * What things are missing?
1. A screenshot page where you can see how each layout-module from
contrib looks like. As I told above I havent found the right layout yet
and such a page would help me.

2. Im not sure if this already exists: A possibility to disable borders
for some applications. I only need this for mplayer in fullscreenmode.

>     * What things do you     miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz
Only one thing: The tab-support. I asked for this some weeks ago here on
the list. It was already mentioned on another survey. I want every
window to have its own tabs and not one tab for all windows. If it is
still unclear I can also try to record a video from ion or make

>     * What things do you not miss from ion/wmii/dwm/compiz ... :)
I told this above.

Perhaps you want to add the question:
* How have you heard of xmonad and which windowmanagers did you use
* before. If I were you this would be very interessting.

Greetings from Germany
Dominik Bruhn
mailto: dominik at dbruhn.de
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