[xmonad] Issue 96 in xmonad: certain dialogs get dropped in gnucash

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Sat Dec 15 20:14:46 EST 2007

On Saturday 15 December 2007 02:13:33 Lars Viklund wrote:
> > I don???t know if it???s the same problem, but I???ve noticed
> > similar problems with a couple other applications. In
> > gnome-terminal, I have to right-click and choose ???Edit
> > Current Profile?????? twice for the dialog to stay open; the
> > first time it flashes and disappears.
> When installing the Linux client for EVE Online
> ( http://www.eve-online.com/download/linux.asp )
> the initial license dialog flickers into existence and then disappears
> forever.

Yeah, sounds similar to the gnucash bug

> This makes it impossible to progress through the installer at
> all.
> It's written in python and uses pygtk and glade for the GUI, so I don't
> think there's much man-made GUI code at all in it. If it's something
> common to glade-sourced interfaces, it could be more common that one'd
> think. The client is publicly available for testing out, even if one
> doesn't have a game account.
> I'm running the darcs xmonad from a week ago or so, I'm unsure if the
> gnucash fix was in then or not.

It wasn't.  Please upgrade to the latest darcs and let us know if the problem

Spencer Janssen

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