[xmonad] darcs patch: +XMonad.Util.Search: new module (and 1 more)

gwern0 at gmail.com gwern0 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 15:58:16 EST 2007

Thu Dec 13 15:51:59 EST 2007  gwern0 at gmail.com
  * +XMonad.Util.Search: new module
  This module is intended to provide helpful functions for easily running web searchs; just hit a bound key, enter your query, and up opens a new tab/browser/window with the search results. In theory anyway; the Wikipedia and Google ones work fine for me, but the Internet Archive's docs on how to do don't necessarily seem to be correct. If you were, like me, previously running shell commands to call Surfraw or similar shell scripts to do the same thing, you can now scrap them and replace them.
  There aren't too many search engines defined here; new ones would be good, and they're easy to add!

Thu Dec 13 15:56:54 EST 2007  gwern0 at gmail.com
  * +cabal support for XMonad.Util.Search
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