[xmonad] Issue 100 in xmonad: XMonad.Layout.ResizableTile fails if floating window present on same screen.

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Wed Dec 12 17:24:54 EST 2007

Issue 100: XMonad.Layout.ResizableTile fails if floating window present 
on same screen.

New issue report by thomas.adam22:
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Import XMonad.Layout.ResizableTile
2. Bind the MirrorExpand / MirrorShrink commands to keys as in:

, ((modm,  xK_a), sendMessage MirrorExpand)
, ((modm, xK_z), sendMessage MirrorShrink)

3. Now place a floating window on the same screen as some tiled windows;
this is irrlevant of of Xinerama, although that's what I am using.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

When focusing a window already tiled with a floating window present on the
screen, the keys bounf in (2) above should shrink/expand that window, but
it does not.

Instead nothing happens, or something ""weird"" happens, where ""weird""
could be nothing at all, or the focused tiled window is only resizable in
one direction,

If I move the floating window to another monitor (assuming Xinerama), or
close it, the the Mirror{Expand,Shrink} commands work as expected,  Clearly
something odd is happening with the presence of a floating window present,
although no visible events are sent to the floating window when trying to
shrink/expand a tiled window which overlaps the floating window.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

XMonad darcs (post 0.5 release).  Running on Debian Linux SID, compiled myself.

Please provide any additional information below.


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