[xmonad] Tabbed Layout

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Dec 12 14:02:54 EST 2007

> Hy,
> I got two questions:
> First the more general one:
> Serveal weeks ago here was a overviewpage with some modules and
> screenshots. Currently I can only find the haddok text, but there are no
> screenshots. I think the screenshots were quite usefull for beginners.
> Sometimes you can't realy imagine what a module/plugin does.

Yes, it was rather time consuming to keep all the screenshots and docs
in sync. We know automatically generate all the extension docs:


and i've for now moved all the screenshots here:


with a little luck we should get inline image support into haddock soon,
which will allow inline images in the docs, as we originally had, but
also automated generation.

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