[xmonad] Re: xmonad 0.5 on Debian?

Joachim Breitner nomeata at debian.org
Wed Dec 12 08:03:41 EST 2007


Am Dienstag, den 11.12.2007, 23:40 -0800 schrieb Don Stewart:
> Hey,
> how goes the xmonad 0.5 packaging for Debian? 

semi-stalled. The current problem is that xmonad needs the new Cabal,
which will be included in the Debian package for ghc6.8. It _could_ be
packaged separately and run with ghc6.6, but this would cause conflicts
with the Cabal in ghc6.8, I guess, and also not really worth the profit.

Therefore I targeted ghc6.8. A preliminary package is available on
haskell-unsafe, I rebuilt that for i386. Then I upgraded the
dependencies (mtl and X11) for that.

The next problem is that haskell-utils, a Debian package that helps with
packaging Haskell libraries, does not support the new Cabal version (and
the new cabal files). First tries to upgrade that failed, because to
build it I need libraries that are, as of ghc6.8, in extra-libs, which
is not yet packaged.

That’s the state so far. Igloo (aka wiggle, ghc maintainer in Debian)
said that he will look into finishing the ghc6.8 stuff (hopefully
including haskell-utils). Maybe I will temporary work around that by
packaging xmonad without haskell-utils support, when I find the time,
but the rest of the week will be busy. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for
Igloo first.

So sorry for the delay, but it’s debian: We want to do it rather right
than just quick :-)

Greetings and thanks for the interest,

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