[xmonad] Issue 98 in xmonad: Conventional configuration strategies

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Sun Dec 9 15:28:36 EST 2007

Issue 98: Conventional configuration strategies

Comment #2 by thomas.adam22:
Thanks Don for that...

My intention  behind this proposed syntax is that is is sufficiently 
removed from
haskell for it to be generic (i.e., does not enforce Haskell's syntax 
on the user),
but close enough for it to be haskell so that some parser can be 
written.  If that
makes sense.

Someone on IRC asked what they would do to make a ""global"" 
key-binding without the
modifier -- if one looks at line 19, then that might be represented as:

key (nomod) a kill

(Potentially stupid in this example, but you get the point.)

Again, line 26 (which is an abstract representation of what ManageHook 
might become,
says that:  "If a window has a class of 'skype' OR (|) a resource 
of 'skype' then
move it to the WorkSpace of 'A' and put it in the floating layer".

Hopefully that helps to clarify things a little.


Thomas Adam

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