[Xmonad] a ghci prompt for xmonad

Andrea Rossato mailing_list at istitutocolli.org
Thu Aug 30 09:24:39 EDT 2007


I wanted to write this prompt from the very beginning. A prompt to
evaluate Haskell expressions...

At first I couldn't get hs-plugins to compile. Then I could compile
hs-plugin but I thought it was quite a difficult requirement for such
a prompt. I knew about that mysterious ghc-api, something to come in
the future... NO! GHC-API is there since 6.5, and can be easily used.

So, here's the prompt. It's just the a proof of concept, right now. It
uses the completions window to display the result and the ghc-api is
linked from XMonad itself, which makes the xmonad binary a huge file.
A lot of memory consumption is the obvious consequence.

I have a small program that can evaluate expressions from outside of
xmonad, but I'm not able to run it interactively from xmonad:

I know how to compile Haskell code at runtime but I don't know how to
run a process interactively...:( 

If you can help....

Follow the instruction of the attached modules (to be saved in
XMonadContrib. BE CAREFUL and edit ghcPath to fit your system
environment otherwise the prompt and XMonad will crash!!!

(the is one of the many reasons I want an external application to run
the statements!)

Hope you'll enjoy.


ps: no error reports for the time being. I repeat it: this is just a
proof of concept. We need the external evaluator to work interactively
with the prompt.
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-- |
-- Module      :  XMonadContrib.GhcPrompt
-- Copyright   :  (C) 2007 Andrea Rossato
-- License     :  BSD3
-- Maintainer  :  andrea.rossato at unibz.it
-- Stability   :  unstable
-- Portability :  unportable
-- A ssh prompt for XMonad

module XMonadContrib.GhcPrompt (
                             -- * Usage
                             -- $usage
                              ) where

import Data.Dynamic
import Data.List
import Data.Maybe

import XMonad
import XMonadContrib.XPrompt

import GHC
import DynFlags
import PackageConfig

-- $usage
-- 1. In xmonad.cabal change: 
-- > build-depends:      base>=2.0, X11>=1.2.1, X11-extras>=0.2, mtl>=1.0, unix>=1.0
-- to
-- > build-depends:      base>=2.0, X11>=1.2.1, X11-extras>=0.2, mtl>=1.0, unix>=1.0, ghc>= 6.6
-- 2. In Config.hs add:
-- > import XMonadContrib.XPrompt
-- > import XMonadContrib.GhcPrompt
-- 3. In your keybindings add something like:
-- >   , ((modMask .|. controlMask, xK_h), ghcPrompt defaultXPConfig)
-- 4. edit the ghcPath below to fit your system!

ghcPath :: String
ghcPath = "/usr/lib/ghc-6.6.1"

data Ghc = Ghc

instance XPrompt Ghc where
    showXPrompt Ghc = "Eval:   "
ghcPrompt :: XPConfig -> X ()
ghcPrompt conf = do
  ses <- io initSession
  mkXPrompt Ghc conf (mkComplFunFromList []) (ghc conf ses)

ghc :: XPConfig -> Session -> String -> X ()
ghc conf ses s
    -- exit
    | s == ":quit" || s == ":q" || s == [] = return ()
    -- "let: " update session
    | "let " `isPrefixOf` s = do
  io $ runStmt ses s
  mkXPrompt Ghc conf (mkComplFunFromList []) (ghc conf ses)
    -- something to eval
    | otherwise = do
  res <- io $ dynCompileExpr ses ("show $ "++ s)
  case res of
    Just x -> do 
        let res' = fromDynamic x :: Maybe String
        io $ putStrLn (show res')
        mkXPrompt Ghc conf (\_ -> return [fromMaybe "" res']) (ghc conf ses)
    _ -> do io $ putStrLn "fallito"
            mkXPrompt Ghc conf (\_ -> return ["failed"]) (ghc conf ses)

initSession :: IO Session
initSession = do  --defaultErrorHandler defaultDynFlags $ do
  session <- newSession Interactive (Just ghcPath)
  setSessionDynFlags session =<< getSessionDynFlags session
  setContext session [] [mkModule (stringToPackageId "base") (mkModuleName "Prelude")]
  return session

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