[Xmonad] 'rules' like in dwm

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 28 00:49:11 EDT 2007

On Tue, Aug 28, 2007 at 08:20:37AM +1200, Karl. wrote:
> Under dwm I use specific workspaces for specific things - my web browser  
> always goes on the same workspace, regardless of where I am when I 
> launch it.  I have some rules defined in my dwm config that specify 
> this.  This consistency is one of the essential things that I like about 
> dwm.

i brought this up a long time ago when xmonad was in its first public
release. this feature is essential for people with slower hardware, as
it allows them to start executing larger programs without interfering
with the current workspace. i still keep dwm on my laptop because it
takes ten seconds to start firefox - i can just issue my key escape
sequence and keep on working. with xmonad i have to change to the
desired workspace and wait.

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