[Xmonad] 'rules' like in dwm

Karl. kmw1 at free.net.nz
Mon Aug 27 16:20:37 EDT 2007


I'm currently using dwm, and considering switching to Xmonad.  I've been 
trying to figure out whether Xmonad supports the features that are 
important to me.  The one I haven't been able to figure out for certain 

Does Xmonad support defining rules as to which workspace a new window 
will appear in?

Under dwm I use specific workspaces for specific things - my web browser  
always goes on the same workspace, regardless of where I am when I 
launch it.  I have some rules defined in my dwm config that specify 
this.  This consistency is one of the essential things that I like about 

Another approach, instead of rules defining workspace based on client 
properties, would be if it is possible for a keybinding to specify where  
a client should go when it is launched
eg.  Ctrl-Alt-B = launch browser and make it go to workspace 'web'

As far as I can tell so far, under Xmonad, new windows will just appear 
in the current workspace.


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