[Xmonad] Issue 45 in xmonad: xmonad should be smarter about mouse movement

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Mon Aug 27 03:48:34 EDT 2007

Issue 45: xmonad should be smarter about mouse movement

New issue report by chikito... at yahoo.es:
When cursor moves to the border of the screen (say, the bottom border) and
mouse is not moved again, unclutter detects that cursor is quiet and erase
it, but apparently xmonad thinks that mouse is still moving and thus, when
changing focus or layout, focus goes to the window where the cursor is
(bottom window) and mod-j, mod-k don't work anymore. Even if I change the
layout, focus is still in the same window. I have to move the cursor 
outside the border to get mod-j, mod-k working again.

This is particularly annoying when you start xmonad, create a new window,
change the layout and suddenly focus moves to the previous window and can't
be changed (because cursor is on the border but you didn't realize because
it is not visible).

I use xmonad 0.2, didn't check darcs version.

Antonio Regidor García

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