[Xmonad] Issue 44 in xmonad: Support for i18n in window titles

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Sun Aug 19 09:53:47 EDT 2007

Issue 44: Support for i18n in window titles

New issue report by m... at jansb.org:
It would be nice to see xmonad and its extensions get better i18n
support, in particular for printing of window titles using the
NamedWindow, Decoration and Tabbed from XMonadContrib.

I have a number of patches for X11-extras and XMonadContrib that
constitute a step in that direction. These all assume that setlocale
has been called previously, see issue 43.

The patch in getname.patch rewrites getname using locale-aware

x11-extras-patches.patch contains one patch to add wide character
drawing operations using FontSets, and one patch to add a function to
extract the foreground pixel from a graphic context.

font.patch adds the module XMonadContrib.Font which aims to provide an
abstract interface to string drawing functions. The implementation
uses wide character string drawing functions by default, but can be
configured to use xft, in which case the bindings at
http://www.mdstud.chalmers.se/~jansborg/xft are needed.

changetofont.patch changes Decoration and Tabbed to use the Font
module. WARNING: this can be extremely slow unless xft is used, due to
decoration reopening the font very often. Using the fontset
implementation this is slow to the point of being useless since
XCreateFontSet can be really slow.

	getname.patch  40.6 KB 
	x11-extra-patches.patch  6.8 KB 
	font.patch  43.7 KB 
	changetofont.patch  44.7 KB 

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