[Xmonad] Issue 43 in xmonad: Call setlocale at startup

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Sun Aug 19 09:46:46 EDT 2007

Issue 43: Call setlocale at startup

New issue report by m... at jansb.org:
I'd like to see xmonad call setlocale as a first step towards support
for internationalisation. While xmonad proper doesn't use many
features that benefit from internationalisation, extensions do -- most
visibly when printing window titles.

While it is not strictly necessary that xmonad calls setlocale, any
extension that use locale-aware functions can call it just before it
calls such functions, it seems unnecessary to have a bunch of
extensions each calling setlocale over and over again.

I have attached a patch that modifies xmonad to call setlocale first
thing in main.

A second possibility is to not call setlocale but to add a startupHook
which is called just before entering the main loop. The user can then
use this hook to call arbitrary start-up functions such as
setlocale. I don't know how useful this generality is, the interface
is very "stateful".

	setlocale.patch  18.9 KB 
	startuphook.patch  18.8 KB 

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