[Xmonad] mouse keys?

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Mon Aug 13 10:57:14 EDT 2007

the Edward Blevins wrote:
> I'm not sure about how to enable mousekeys, but you might be interested
> in the program called keynav[1], it lets you move the pointer by
> iteratively halving the target area (starting with the whole screen).

Looks interesting. If I don't like it, at least I reckon it will tell me 
enough to be able to implement what I want :)

> As far as turning off the track pad while you are typing, I know 
> that mouseemu[2] has an option to do this. 
> [1] http://www.semicomplete.com/projects/keynav/
> [2] http://geekounet.org/powerbook/files/mouseemu-0.16.tar.gz [3]
> [3] mouseemu should be apt-gettable on both Debian and Ubuntu.

I tried mouseemu for emulating middle and right mouse buttons... 0.16 in 
that usage, made the computer stop accepting input from my keyboard (and 
had no effect at all, neither the desired nor undesired one, on 
keyboards plugged in after mouseemu was started), so I am leaning away 
from _using_ it...


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