[Xmonad] mouse keys?

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Mon Aug 13 06:46:02 EDT 2007

This is maybe not strictly an xmonad question, but maybe xmonad can be 
part of the solution... (I'm running xmonad-darcs)

X has this concept of "mouse keys" that allow to move the mouse-cursor 
around with the keyboard.  Unfortunately, they need to be enabled before 
they will work, even though I set xmodmap to make (mod?)-right-arrow 
move the cursor right!  This can be done by pressing some weird key 
combination, which I have not figured out how to do reliably, and don't 
want to do that every time anyway.  Apparently environments I don't use, 
like KDE, have ways to turn it on.  Also there are some default 
keybindings for it that I would need to get rid of somehow, which 
doesn't look really easy.

Ideally I wound like to add
xmonad-mod-key + various other keys = control the cursor in various ways 
(including left,(middle,right)-clicking, would be nice)
.  Any ideas how to do this?

(motivation: Compared to the keyboard, I don't like the trackpad on my 
laptop, as expected, and was never much of a fan of the mouse either, 
and never did get a trackball... but some programs need mouse-pointing! :)
Speaking of which, I want to turn off tap-on-trackpad = click, and make 
it so that for a few moments near when I'm typing, the trackpad doesn't 
move the cursor either, but I haven't yet found ways to do these on 
Linux that I've gotten to work.  I'm tempted to totally disable the 
trackpad if I can, if I get mouse keys to work well for me)


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