[Xmonad] Re: a few questions

Benedikt Schmidt beschmi at cloaked.de
Sat Aug 4 01:21:49 EDT 2007

Michael Vanier <mvanier at cs.caltech.edu> writes:

> Second, I was wondering if there is a way to display the current
> workspace number and/or window title in a dzen status bar.

You can use the DynamicLog contrib module and then set a loogHook
in Config.hs. This prints the string you are interested in to
xmonad's stdout which you can pipe to a dzen instance.

> Third, is it possible to swap workspaces i.e. change workspace 2 to
>1 and vice-versa?

I wrote such an extension for my own use, but I didn't get around to
cleaning it up yet.

I use it like this in my config:
    , ((modMask, xK_a), submap . M.fromList $
        [((0, k), swap i)
          | (i,k) <- zip [0 .. fromIntegral workspaces - 1] [xK_1 ..]])

Here's the the patch anyways ...

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