[Xmonad] Re: Some windows appear on the wrong head

Bruce Stephens xmonad at cenderis.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 11:39:13 EDT 2007

Spencer Janssen <sjanssen-qUs7yiKABP2Vc3sceRu5cw at public.gmane.org> writes:


> We blindly accept the geometry requested by floating windows, which
> is usually the right thing to do.  This case, however, is a bit
> troublesome.  What do other window managers do in this situation?

I had a quick look but I don't see anything in ICCCM.  I did a quick
test with metacity (running in xnest).  For this situation (where
xmonad shows the transient at the top left hand of the screen)
metacity shows it over the main window.

My interpretation is that the application's specifying the position as
(0,0) and metacity regards that as "don't care".  The size looks OK,
though, and the same in metacity as in xmonad, so I guess that *is*
being set.

That all seems quite plausible for a transient, so I'd guess if xmonad
did that it would be acceptable.  (Quite likely it is specified in
ICCCM somewhere and I just didn't spot it.)

(The application I used was synaptic, and I selected a depended-on
package for removal.  In that case synaptic pops up a dialog warning
about the consequent removal of other packages.)

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