[Haskell wikibook] links to Examples in section 2

apfelmus at quantentunnel.de apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Mon Feb 26 04:45:30 EST 2007

P. R. Stanley wrote:
> the example links seem to lead nowhere in particular. Am I missing
> something or, are they effectively redundant and, if so, shall I get rid
> of them?
> You can find one at Haskell Lists and Tuples after the line
> "...build a couple of lists"

Ah, like the following <a name="Building_lists"
id="Building_lists"></a>? Missing the href attribute, these are not
links in the original sense, they act as link targets. In the graphical
interface, a click on a related link <a href="#Building_lists">link
text</a> will center the document text around the link target
"Building_lists". Note the # character. Thus, link targets allow to jump
to particular positions on a single page. Of course, links usually jump
between different pages.

In wikibooks, such link targets are created automatically for every
section heading. I don't know whether you can profit from them. Maybe
it's easier for you to read the text from the page where you can also
edit the text. For example, here is the full Internet address of the
edit page of "Haskell/Lists and Tuples":


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