[Haskell wikibook] new member

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 25 05:29:48 EST 2007

>Paul: I see my role as someone who is less likely to take anything
> > for granted in regard to covering the basic principles.
>That would be great, because it's always difficult for an author to
>write an explanation when he knows the subject too well. Unfortunately,
>it's equally difficult if he doesn't know the subject so well :) Don't
>hesitate to pinpoint poor explanations and such.
>Paul: So, how do I start? I mean, do I need a username and password 
>to gain access to the content? I've already located a few areas 
>where I could introduce some improvement.
BTW, I have an idea for including latex source code without 
disturbing the general composition of the text. How about using an 
img element for displaying a little symbol of some sort and, the alt 
attribute for containing the textual equivalent of the formula? The 
screen reader would display the alt text along with the so-called 
mainstream version but sighted users viewing the page in IE or 
Firefox would only see the graphic symbol. It could be anything - a 
little circle or a custom symbol to denote the accessibility feature.
What do you think?

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