[Haskell wikibook] New template for referencing standard library haddocks

apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Sun Aug 5 08:57:26 EDT 2007

Hello wikibookians,

There's a new template for referencing standard library haddocks.


- What does this template do? -

This template generates links to the documentation of GHC's standard
library modules. For example, if you talk about Control.Monad and want
the text to be a proper link to the latest GHC Haddocks, this template
is for you.

Arguably, automatic syntax coloring and hyperlinking of Haskell source
code should obsolete this template.

- Usage -

 {{Haskell lib|Control|Monad}}
 => Control.Monad from the base-package.

 {{Haskell lib|package=mtl|Control|Monad|State}}
 => Control.Monad.State from the mtl-package.

Currently, the module name may be only 5 levels deep, but that's easy to


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