[web-devel] ANN: adobe-swatch-exchange-

Jeremy Shaw jeremy at n-heptane.com
Thu Apr 4 01:49:34 CEST 2013

I am pleased to annouce the release of adobe-swatch-exchange

My primary motivation in writing this is to make it easier to download
color swatches from http://kuler.adobe.com/ and test them on my site.
Though, perhaps there is already a great way of doing this and I
didn't look hard enough.

But, the end result is we can now read and write .ASE files in Haskell
and convert them to .css. So that probably opens up some new

I have provided both a library and an executable.

I have also used this as a way to test the waters with github,


I heard putting things on github will get me all sorts of
contributors. I suggest someone start with haddock comments. ;)

- jeremy

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