[web-devel] BlazeHtml: How to write quotation-marks in attributes?

Morel Pisum morel.pisum at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 12 02:17:19 CEST 2012


Am 12.04.2012 00:44, schrieb Jeremy Bowers:
> On 04/11/12 16:44, Morel Pisum wrote:
>> Hi.
>> How can I write
>> <body onload="javascript:document.getElemByID('q').focus();">
>> in BlazeHtml?
>> The problem is that single quotes are always converted to HTML.
>> I'd appreciate a quick response. Thanks in advance.
> While Jasper's response answered your literal question, I'd add that the
Yes, Jasper solved my quotation-mark-issue.
> reason your code isn't working isn't the HTML encoding, which should be
> left alone. The problem is that your event handler shouldn't have
> "javascript:" in front of it, and the DOM method is "getElem*ent*ById",
> not getElemById.
> Try
> document.getElementById('q').focus()
> which should come out with &apos;, which is fine.
In fact, I had this problem, yes. Thank you for your help but I was able
to solve this problem before. Thanks anyway.

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