[web-devel] On moving Yesod-specific discussion to a separate list

Eric Schug schugschug at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 19:36:55 CEST 2011

As one of those people who are filling up web-devel with yesod help 
I agree with Felipe, but I have a some of further comments.

Why are their so many yesod help questions relative to other projects help?
Is it because of the relative newness of yesod? or complexity cause by 
added type checking?
Or something else?
I think once it becomes more mature, I think some of this will go away.

It also feels to me that their seems to be quite a bit of exchange 
within the various Haskell Frameworks, and it facilitated by this group 
e.g. Blaze, WAI.
It would be more difficult for a newbie to track down which specific 
group will provide questions regarding yesod core component vs. shared 
component, blaze, hamlet, wai.
I can get a better idea of other Haskell approaches, that I may not have 
heard of before if I was only following a yesod specific group.
Most posters do appear to follow good etiquette by putting the name of 
the project in the subject, so that it can be easily searched or filtered.


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