[web-devel] On moving Yesod-specific discussion to a separate list

Daniel Patterson lists.haskell at dbp.mm.st
Mon Jun 27 18:02:32 CEST 2011

I feel similarly to Jasper, but I actually don't think it is that hard to distinguish:

I think that maybe instead of creating a "yesod" list, you should create a "yesod-help" list, that is specifically for the "how do I do X in yesod". Because I don't use yesod, and every time I get those messages I consider unsubscribing (because those questions are not relevant to haskell webdev in general). But I do think that the more theoretical / trying to solve problems types of discussions are something that is generally relevant, and could benefit from integration with happstack and snap. So I don't think this is a call to excise yesod from this list (that wouldnt benefit anyone), but more to move the yesod  beginners questions somewhere else.

Maybe a good pattern would be for people to put the framework in the subject if it is going to be a framework specific discussion, so that people can know that while this may be generally interesting, it is a discussion specific to one framework.

Since there are plenty of those types of discussions, I don't think the list would die... and perhaps if the content wasn't so far skewed by beginner yesod questions, people would be more likely to bring up things that are more broadly applicable to web devel.

Speaking personally, I've been doing a bit of stuff related to snap, but partly because of the nature of this list, I haven't asked about or presented any of the stuff I've been working on. Instead, I mainly frequent the snap IRC channel, which is active. For certain things IRC is certainly invaluable, but for announcements of stuff, it is a pretty poor way of getting the word out. If this list didn't feel like a Yesod list, I probably would have posted stuff here, and would in the future. As it is I barely read it because even threads that look like they are general (based on the subject) usually turn out be be asking a specific question about Yesod.

(for the snap readers, or people who use heist, which again is framework agnostic but mostly used with snap, some things I'd been working on were:
A. an ajax extension for heist, that allows, without any application specific javascript, asynchronous page parts replacement and form submission. Blog post: http://blog.dbpatterson.com/post/6330870102/building-ajax-sites-with-snap-imagining-heist-async ; code, slightly updated since post: https://github.com/dbp/heist-async 
B. very rough but functioning heist/snap bindings for digestive-functors, allowing you to write normal html forms in heist templates and have them validated by digestive functors
C. using heist and some non-application specific javascript to add dynamic extensions to html: http://blog.dbpatterson.com/post/6736312764/turning-dynamic-web-programming-on-its-head . this is just a generalization of the stuff that makes heist-async work.

On Jun 27, 2011, at 11:29 AM, Chris Smith wrote:

> I have mixed feelings on this.
> On the one hand, This does often feel like the Yesod help mailing list,
> so I've considered unsubscribing a few times because there's not a lot
> here related to Haskell web stuff that I use.  On the other hand,
> though, I'm with Michael in wondering whether reducing the amount of
> Yesod stuff would really make the list more helpful; or if it would just
> make it dead.
> So far, I've stayed subscribed but just delete the majority of the
> content and look for announcements or the occasional threads that don't
> look like Yesod support issues.
> I'm interested in other people's thoughts.
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