[web-devel] richer client experiences

Greg Weber greg at gregweber.info
Tue Jan 25 23:22:55 CET 2011

>  I get this definite feeling that people are assuming that I'm somehow

"afraid" of the client side

Please don't take anything personally!
I was just suggesting an alternative models that I think are achievable
right now, even if yours may be more ideal when completed.

>    - Testing is horrendous.

I definitely agree, but now I *am* going to state (as someone who works in
typeless languages that if that is your opinion (and it is mine of
javascript) that there is a fear of the client side, or at least a
recognition that programming it will be less productive because of the
effort to test. This point goes in tandem with the lack of static typing-
you can make up for some of the lack of static typing with more testing. I
am looking into better ways to test javascript, looking into this at the
moment: http://javascriptmvc.com/docs/FuncUnit.html.

I hope you build the framework you are setting out to do and that I can use
it to build cool sites.

Greg Weber
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