[web-devel] Wrapping the widget generated by the authEmail backend.

Nubis nubis at woobiz.com.ar
Tue Jan 4 03:38:11 CET 2011

Hi guys,
I'm trying to build a good looking login page, but I noticed the
loginHandler that comes with yesod-auth just concatenates all the widgets
from all the used auth backends. To make matters worse, the markup some of
the backends generate is not even my preferred brand! :)

So I try to at least wrap the authEmail widget inside my own html, with a
login.hamlet file that looks a bit like this:
  %h1 Login

I manage to get the widget out of the authEmail backend, but then I can't
use it inside my hamlet file that I add using addHamlet b/c it doesn't

loginHandler = do
  let tm = liftHandler getRouteToMaster
  let email = tm >>= apLogin authEmail
  defaultLayout $ do
    setTitle $ string "Login"
    addHamlet $(Settings.hamletFile "login")

Is there any way around this? Am I approaching this the wrong way?
This could also be solved if instead of a widget I could get the url and
fieldname information from the backend, so I can use those things inside my
ad-hoc html.
Moreso, as a way to customize the html I'm tempted to override or redefine
apLogin inside my app's domain so I can customize the html it generates. But
just to keep taking advantage of haskell's strenghts it would be nice to
formalize this idea a bit more (and I don't know how to approach that).

thanks in advance for your help
----nubis :)
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