[web-devel] Web wiki page

Christopher Done chrisdone at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 9 12:17:50 CEST 2010

On 8 October 2010 23:51, John Lenz <jlenz2 at math.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> The past few days I have been investigating the various options for web
> programming in Haskell and when I first started looking it was pretty
> confusing.  The existing wiki pages weren't really organised to help a
> newcomer see the various options and which libraries are supposed to work
> together, since the existing wiki pages basically just list of all the
> libraries and frameworks.
> So I edited the Web page on the wiki to list the various options, each of
> which contain pointers to the various libraries which are meant to work
> together.
> I would appreciate help completing the page (any options I didn't list?)
> since I have only been looking at the various options for a couple of days
> now.

Nice work! Actually last week I re-organised the web part of the wiki
into the sections now. Before that it was two big pages listing
libraries and frameworks with one-liner explanations. We've been
discussing it on Haskell-Cafe but maybe we should've CC'd it to
web-dev, too. Took a while to sort it out into sections. After that
this is pretty much what we were after anyway, to provide some context
and tutorials to guide newbies. Thanks for putting the time into doing
this as I wasn't educated on the various Happstack/Yesod/Snap options
re working with other libraries. This is definitely essential info.

Ideally I'd like the options on the Web page to just be a list with
links to the pages, because then you can write a tutorial, provide
example snippets, etc of doing it that way. For now this works but
pages listing things like this on the Wiki do tend to mudslide into
something huge and unmaintained. We can prune it whence that starts.

I take the library approach rather than framework approach so right
now I'm using nginx + FastCGI + w/e I need. I'll document this way
some time today.

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