[web-devel] haskell web development with a restricted shell account

Nils Schweinsberg ml at n-sch.de
Sat Jul 3 05:00:42 EDT 2010

On 01.07.2010 17:17, Markus Läll wrote:
> I have a noobish question -- what are my chances of doing web
> development on a host, where I have restricted shell access?
> Like, if I can copy programs to my own folders, then I could also copy
> a version of GHC and run that with my .hs files through a cgi folder,
> or maybe I could compile my programs and copy those executables to the
> cgi folder?

Jup, you usually compile a haskell web application. So you just upload 
your binary, run it inside a screen/tmux session and you're ready to go.

Depending on your framework you could either directly run your own HTTP 
server or use (fast)cgi to communicate with an existing webserver (like 
lighttpd, apache etc). Everything can be compiled and runs as an 
application without any (bigger) dependencies.

So I'd say, as long as you can execute your binary on your host your 
chances are pretty good. :)

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