[web-devel] Question about happstack

Kyle Murphy orclev at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 10:02:49 EDT 2010

I had downloaded and was experimenting with a simple Happstack based
pastebin a while ago, and was making reasonable progress in figuring out
Happstack and how to go about handling various situations. I hadn't touched
the code in a while and decided I wanted to eperiment with it last night, so
I made a few tweaks and attempted to re-compile it. Now, I'm finding that
neither my modified version, nor the original version I downloaded will
compile, as they complain about not being able to find an instance of
MonadIO for (ServerPartT IO). I also tried writing up a trivial server based
on the documentation provided by Happstack itself, and that also fails to
compile complaining about no instance found for MonadIO (ServerPartT IO).
Specifically the error seems to be triggered by the use of liftIO anywhere
inside a ServerPartT monad.

Looking at the source code for happstack-server, I can see in
Happstack.Server.SimpleHTTP that the GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving pragma is
set, and that in the newtype for ServerPartT it has deriving MonadIO. Why
can't ghc seem to find the MonadIO instance for ServerPartT, when
ServerPartT is declared as deriving it?

It also seems strange that this just started happening recently. I've
upgraded a number of packages recently, but I can't say for sure what I
changed since the last time I was able to compile something based on
happstack successfully. Is it possible that some change with mtl or some
other package is causing this error?

Near as I can tell, this is occurring in happstack-server-0.4.1, although
since I'm away from my personal computer right now I can't provide the
versions for any of the other packages. If anyone would like further details
I can provide them late tonight when I get home, but till then the best I
can do is provide the source of one of the programs I attempted to compile
(hosted interestingly enough by a later build of the same code):

-R. Kyle Murphy
Curiosity was framed, Ignorance killed the cat.
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