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Michael Snoyman michael at snoyman.com
Fri Apr 16 20:07:50 EDT 2010

Cool. I agree that other types would be interesting, but as you said,
implementation is a little tricky.

I'm still in the process of modifying it as I integrate it with Yesod. In
particular, support for subsites is getting better. I'm hoping it gets to
the point of proper web plugins.


On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 4:09 PM, Jeremy Shaw <jeremy at n-heptane.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I poked at it a bit, but don't have anything especially interesting to say.
> Obviously, I would like it if there was ways to do things like map integers
> to newtyped values. Or to allow the use of 'variables' other than strings
> and ints. But, I am not actually clear that those things can be implemented
> :)
> Once I actually try to use quasi for a project I will likely have more
> feedback.
> - jeremy
> On Apr 2, 2010, at 5:51 PM, Michael Snoyman wrote:
> web-routes-quasi is now at the point where it can be used for sites, and
> I'd love to hear some feedback. I've put together a little sample that
> demonstrates how you can use quasi-quoting and define your routes, embed
> subsites and serve the resulting application via WAI. (My example uses WAI,
> but the package itself is not tied to WAI.)
> The code is on github[1]; the main function for the blog is in blog.hs
> (with the lowercase b). I believe this just depends on Jeremy's web-routes
> package, wai and wai-extra.
> Note that I did not use web-routes-wai; I think there are some problems in
> there for breaking up the pathinfo, and I didn't have time to dig through
> it. Also, this package currently ignores entirely the defaultPage component
> of Site, though if there is desire support can be added for it.
> One minor bug is that you can't have an alternate GET, POST, PUT or DELETE
> constructor imported; hopefully that will get cleaned up.
> Any comments and suggestions are welcome! My goal is to port Yesod over to
> this as soon as the web-routes set of packages are released, so if you're
> interested in Yesod, you should be interested in this too ;).
> Michael
> [1] http://github.com/snoyberg/web-routes-quasi
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