[web-devel] A separation of concerns

Chris Eidhof chris at eidhof.nl
Mon Mar 15 16:00:56 EDT 2010

On 15 mrt 2010, at 17:57, Johan Tibell wrote:

> There are lots of small libraries that are still missing. For example
> an equivalent of Python's urllib, a really fast and *simple* HTTP
> server, a high-performance and *full features* database library for
> working with e.g. MySQL, etc.

Ok, so let's try to make a list. Here's some stuff I would like to see.

"Low level" stuff
  - Fast, simple HTTP server with no abstractions
  - IMAP library
Data storage
  - abstraction of relational databases (something like HaskellDB? based on Takusen?)
  - abstraction of nosql databases 
  - purely functional databases (something like Happstack?)
Controller abstractions
  - a good URL routing library (where you can only produce and link to valid urls)
  - a serializable continuations-based library (especially the serializable part is hard), something like Clean's iTasks.
View abstractions 
 - High-performance HTML combinators
 - generic programming for the web
 - simplified formlets
 - abstractions over "web components", e.g. composable components that contain HTML, CSS and Javascript. maybe composed using something like FRP.

Please add to this list or expand where necessary. Maybe we should put this on a wiki page.


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