improvements in the core libraries sphere

chessai chessai1996 at
Fri Nov 20 01:18:33 UTC 2020


I'd like to share that over the past few months, the following core
libraries have picked up maintenance pace at an alarmingly great rate:

- vector
- bytestring
- primitive
- unix
- random

Great thanks to the following people:

- Andrew Lelechenko ( (has helped with all
5 libraries!)
- Simon Jakobi ( (has helped with: bytestring)
- Viktor Dukhovni ( and (has helped with: bytestring, unix)
- Alexey Kuleshevich ( (has helped with:
vector, primitive, random)
- Alexey Khudyakov ( (has helped with:
vector, random)
- Dominic Steinitz ( (has helped
with: random)
- Leonhard Markert ( (has helped with: random)
- Andrew Martin ( (has helped with:
primitive, vector)
- David Feuer ( (has helped with: vector,
bytestring, primitive, random)

The changes they have made represent hundreds of hours of work for the
Haskell community. Once languishing core libraries have now been
revitalised. I don't have exact numbers, but a quick look at any of
these libraries, along with a recollection of how they were before,
will show you just how much things are changing for the better.

Now, the next biggest hurdle is text. Also, filepath is unmaintained
(but at least is mostly stable). If anyone knows of a good
maintainer(s) for either of these, please let me know.


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