Improving Random

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at
Wed Jun 3 18:31:59 UTC 2020

Am 03.06.20 um 15:55 schrieb dominic at
> We invited anyone interested including Carter to participate in the
> design back in February. He did not do so. How much longer do you
> think we should give him?

Two weeks, perhaps four?

> No serious work has been done on it since September 2014 and numerous
> promises to do something have never materialised.

I can't possibly comment on this.

> Is there any part of Carter’s critique that in your view has not been
> addressed by replies in this thread?

He wrote

> The *better* choice is
> Class PRNG g =>  MonadRandom m g | m-> g where ...
> And then their example instance  should be something like
> Newtype MWCT  m a = ... newtype wrapper around StateT m a threading an MWC
> indexed by the state token of the underlying PrimMonad
> (Or newtype MWCT s m a = .... stateT thing)
> Instance (PrimMonad m) => MonadRandom  (MWCT m) (MCWGen (PrimState m))
> where ...

which hasn't been addressed fully. However, this would be difficult
since the above comment is missing too many details.

This is why I wanted to entice Carter to share his
thoughts/misgivings/counter-proposals in greater detail on the PR.

> We should be welcoming contributions and improve libraries when the
> opportunities arise and not wait another 5 years for perfection
> (which may never arrive).
I can understand that you don't want this to stall indefinitely, so
perhaps you need to give him a (comfortable) deadline? Just a thought.


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