Improving Random

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at
Wed Jun 3 11:11:08 UTC 2020

I agree that communication is an important aspect of maintainership. Not
responding to PRs for a long period of time is bad because it lets
people wonder if anything is being done about it at all. That can be
quite frustrating as I know from my own experience.

That said, Carter's critique of the proposed API (the classes) looks
valid to me. I understand that coming up with a better API design that
accommodates all the cool permormance improvements may take its time.

@Carter: why don't you try to eleborate your critique of the proposed
API on the tracker and present a rough sketch of where you think things
should go instead. Then you guys can all work together to flesh this out.

My experience is that writing things down helps a lot to get them
clearer in my head. If the side effect is people feel that their
contributions are respected and actually worked on, so much the better.


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