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Fumiaki Kinoshita fumiexcel at
Wed Jun 3 07:03:00 UTC 2020

> Dominic, whom you have kicked out from the list of maintainers

Can I also ask why this happened?

IMO (I believe a lot of people would agree), software development,
especially of core libraries should be transparent and healthy, but as far
as I can see none of this work is getting into master, and still held back
because of reasons Carter hasn't clarified.

This looks quite similar to what we've seen in the vector package a while
ago; I noticed that patches I submitted weren't getting into the release
for several years, so I posted an issue asking to release a new version
including recent fixes. As people point out the problem in the
release process, the issue has been locked, and eventually *deleted *for
some reason (

Incidents like these significantly discourage active/potential
contributors, and can affect the entire ecosystem. If anything like this
happens again, we may want to introduce some kind of audits to lubricate
and  sanitise the workflow. The current situation looks rather
disappointing to me.
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