ANN: Haskell Prime 2020 committee has formed

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvriedel at
Thu Apr 28 09:57:54 UTC 2016

Dear Haskell Community!

Some time ago I asked for nominations to reboot the Haskell Prime
process[1], and now I'm pleased to finally announce the formation of
the new Haskell Language 2020 Committee!

The goal of the Haskell Language committee together with the Core
Libraries Committee is to work towards a new Haskell 2020 Language
Report.  I'd like to remind everyone that the Haskell Prime Process[4]
relies on *everyone* in the community to help by contributing proposals
which the committee will then evaluate and if suitable help formalise
for inclusion. Everyone interested in participating is also invited to
join the haskell-prime mailing list.

Four years (or rather ~3.5 years) from now may seem like a long
time. However, given the magnitude of the task at hand, to discuss,
formalise, and implement proposed extensions (taking into account the
recently enacted three-release-policy[3]) to the Haskell Report, the
process shouldn't be rushed. Consequently, this may even turn out to
be a tight schedule after all.  However, it's not excluded there
may be an interim revision of the Haskell Report before 2020.

Based on this schedule, GHC 8.8 (likely to be released early 2020)
would be the first GHC release to feature Haskell 2020
compliance. Prior GHC releases may be able to provide varying degree
of conformance to drafts of the upcoming Haskell 2020 Report.

The Haskell Language 2020 committee starts out with 20 members which
contribute a diversified skill-set.  These initial members also
represent the Haskell community from the perspective of
practitioners, implementers, educators, and researchers.

 - Andres Löh
 - Antonio Nikishaev
 - Austin Seipp
 - Carlos Camarao de Figueiredo
 - Carter Schonwald
 - David Luposchainsky
 - Henk-Jan van Tuyl
 - Henrik Nilsson
 - Herbert Valerio Riedel
 - Iavor Diatchki
 - John Wiegley
 - José Manuel Calderón Trilla
 - Jurriaan Hage
 - Lennart Augustsson
 - M Farkas-Dyck
 - Mario Blažević
 - Nicolas Wu
 - Richard Eisenberg
 - Vitaly Bragilevsky
 - Wren Romano

The Haskell 2020 committee is a language committee; it will focus its
efforts on specifying the Haskell language itself. Responsibility for
the libraries laid out in the Report is left to the Core Libraries
Committee (CLC)[5]. Incidentally, the CLC still has an available
seat[2]; if you would like to contribute to the Haskell 2020 Core
Libraries you are encouraged to apply for this opening.

As this is a general announcement broadcasted to multiple mailing lists,
a separate email discussing the next steps of the new committee will be
sent to the haskell-prime mailing list shortly.  


-- hvr
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