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Adam Bergmark adam at
Wed Sep 10 09:39:53 UTC 2014

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for making an in depth changelog! It's something that I frequently
miss when upgrading other packages.

Would you be willing to also give a backwards compatible migration guide
for the new version? With a package this deep down in the library stack I
think it's very important for people to allow older versions for quite some


On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:43 AM, Ashley Yakeley <ashley at>

> time-1.5 is now available from Hackage.
> <>
> The source for time has now moved to GitHub: <
> time>. Send bug reports to the associated issue tracker.
> * Fixed a bug where tzset was not getting called on Windows.
> The other changes relate to Data.Time.Format:
> * time no longer depends on old-locale. The TimeLocale from old-locale has
> been replaced by a new one defined in Data.Time.Format.
> * The "intervals" field from TimeLocale has been removed, as it's not used.
> * The way time-zone abbreviations are parsed has changed. The parsing
> functions parse single-letter military abbreviations, and also time-zones
> found in the new "knownTimeZones" field of TimeLocale.
> Note that (knownTimeZones defaultTimeLocale) contains only the ten zone
> abbreviations mentioned in RFC822 sec. 5. This is the only standardised
> list of time-zone abbreviations I know of. Since the abbreviations are a
> many-to-many mapping, this should encourage people to think carefully about
> what abbreviations they expect.
> * New parsing functions parseTimeM, parseTimeOrError, readSTime, readPTime
> replace now-deprecated parseTime, readTime, readsTime. The new functions
> have a flag to control parsing of leading and trailing whitespace.
> -- Ashley Yakeley
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