ANNOUNCE time-1.5

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Wed Sep 10 08:43:17 UTC 2014

time-1.5 is now available from Hackage.

The source for time has now moved to GitHub: 
<>. Send bug reports to the associated 
issue tracker.

* Fixed a bug where tzset was not getting called on Windows.

The other changes relate to Data.Time.Format:

* time no longer depends on old-locale. The TimeLocale from old-locale 
has been replaced by a new one defined in Data.Time.Format.
* The "intervals" field from TimeLocale has been removed, as it's not used.
* The way time-zone abbreviations are parsed has changed. The parsing 
functions parse single-letter military abbreviations, and also 
time-zones found in the new "knownTimeZones" field of TimeLocale.

Note that (knownTimeZones defaultTimeLocale) contains only the ten zone 
abbreviations mentioned in RFC822 sec. 5. This is the only standardised 
list of time-zone abbreviations I know of. Since the abbreviations are a 
many-to-many mapping, this should encourage people to think carefully 
about what abbreviations they expect.

* New parsing functions parseTimeM, parseTimeOrError, readSTime, 
readPTime replace now-deprecated parseTime, readTime, readsTime. The new 
functions have a flag to control parsing of leading and trailing whitespace.

-- Ashley Yakeley

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