[Proposal] Renaming (:=:) to (==)

Edward Kmett ekmett at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 01:57:53 UTC 2013

As part of the discussion about Typeable, GHC 7.8 is going to include a
Data.Type.Equality module that provides a polykinded type equality data

I'd like to propose that we rename this type to (==) rather than the (:=:)
it was developed under.

We are already using (+), (-), (*), etc. at the type level in type-nats, so
it would seem to fit the surrounding convention.

I've done the work of preparing a patch, visible here:



Normally, I'd let this run the usual 2 week course, but we're getting down
to the wire for 7.8's release. Once 7.8 ships, we'd basically be stuck with
the current name forever.

Discussion Period: 1 week

-Edward Kmett
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